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100 years ago: the slave trade

1869 slave ship capture Feb 27 p216001.jpg
A commemorative republication of an engraving of the current of HMS Daphne rescuing children from a slave ship of the East African coast. The event is stated to have happened off 'Brora' - this location is unidentified, but it presumably was named…

Capture of a Large Slave-ship by HMS "Pluto"

1860 slave ship capture Apr 28 p409001.jpg
A short account of the capture of a slave ship on 30 November 1859. It is stated that the ship held 874 slaves, and that this was the largest number of slaves ever taken from one captured vessel.
The description does not indicate what happened to…

American Slaver Captured by H.M.S. "Antelope"

1857 slave ship capture Oct 17 p393001.jpg
Engraving of a slave ship, with a short account of its capture based on a letter from a 'young officer' of HMS Antelope. The slaver was carrying 200 slaves and was bound for Havana (Cuba), but the author seems to be more interested in the 23 crew,…

Viaduct over the River Lune at Lancaster, - Branch of the North-Western Railway to Poulton-le-Sands

1849 lancaster railway bridge nov 3001.jpg
An engraving of a timber viaduct over the River Lune at Lancaster, which carried the Midland Railway to Poulton-le-Sands (later known as Morecambe). The engineer for this viaduct was J. Watson.
The viaduct formed part of a branch of the rail line…

The World of Flight. Joy-riding and commercial aviation

1919 world of flight Sep 6  p350_watermark.jpg
Article discussing the popularity of pleasure flights at Blackpool, with interior and exterior photographs of bi-planes used on flights between London and the Continent.
There is a reference to flights between Blackpool and Manchester, and also a…

The Great Railway Strike: comments and responses

The Great Railway Strike: food-distribution by the government - Hyde Park as depot
The files on this item are all drawn from the same edition of the Illustrated London News, from early October 1919. They all relate to a national railway strike which started on 27 September 1919.
During World War One, and its immediate aftermath, …

The World of Flight. On competition and competitions.

1919 aircraft racing Dec 20  p1024001.jpg
An article primarily discussing the role of flying competitions in the growth of civil aviation, with a reference to races which involved a return flight between London and Manchester (among other places) before World War One.
The first photograph…

The World of Flight. Civil aviation, the calendar, and the weather.
Used against zeppelins in the air-raids: rockets fitted to an aeroplane - experimental practice-firing

1919 aero rockets flight May 17  p712001.jpg
The article by C.G. Grey discusses the early days of civil aviation, including the role played by the weather. The photograph is essentially unrelated other than it shows an approximately contemporaneous aircraft, which had been fitted with missile…

The Car - at Manchester.

1914 Manchester cars Jan 10  p76n78n79001.jpg
A series of photographs and commentary on the Manchester Motor Show of 1914, accompanied by a range of advertising. Some of the advertisements are directly related to cars, other relate to a range of consumer products such as patent medicines. Page…

The Mottram Viaduct of the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway.

1861 mottram viaduct Aug 31  p224n214001.jpg
The image shows a steam locomotive and freight wagons crossing the recently-completed viaduct at Mottram, Derbyshire, where an iron construction to support the track bed had replaced an earlier wooden construction. This had been achieved with minimal…