The Great Railway Strike: comments and responses

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The Great Railway Strike: comments and responses


Various reports and photographs of the organised response to the nine-day railway strike of September to October 1919


The files on this item are all drawn from the same edition of the Illustrated London News, from early October 1919. They all relate to a national railway strike which started on 27 September 1919.
During World War One, and its immediate aftermath, railways were managed by the government rather than controlled by private companies. The National Union of Railwaymen and the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen negotiated jointly with the government in an attempt to win wage increases for railway workers, though the increases they sought were less than the high rate of inflation. In March 1919 the government announced its plans to standardise and reduce the wartime rates of pay. Following failed negotiations with the unions, the second national rail strike, sometimes known as the Nine Day Strike, began at midnight on 26-27 September 1919.
After nine days of strike action by the NUR and ASLEF, the government agreed to maintain wages at existing levels for another year. Subsequent negotiations resulted in the standardisation of wages across the railway companies and the introduction of a maximum eight hour day.


Anonymous photographers and journalists.


Illustrated London News, 4 October 1919: 501; 504; 514-5; 528


Lancaster University





Circulars from the National Union of Railwaymen relating to the strike


Twentieth century, interwar period

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Photographs and reports published in newspaper



The Great Railway Strike: food-distribution by the government - Hyde Park as depot
1919 railway strike food distr PRINTABLE.jpg
1919 railway strike food distr Oct 4  p514n515002.jpg
1919 railway strike food distr Oct 4  p514n515003.jpg
The Great Railway Strike: incidents recorded by the camera
1919 railway strike p501 PRINTABLE.jpg
The Great Railway Strike: the rush of volunteers
1919 railway strike volunteers p504 PRINTABLE.jpg
Two photographs and a short report relating to the Nine Day Strike
1919 strike measures p528 PRINTABLE.jpg


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