Transport in North West England


A range of materials which enable students to explore the topic of transport in the context of the local and regional history of North West England.


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Entrance to the tunnel of the Liverpool & Manchester rail-way, Edge-Hill
Wapping or Edge Hill Tunnel was constructed to enable goods services to operate between Liverpool docks and Manchester, as part of the planned Liverpool and Manchester Railway. It is said to be the first tunnel in the world to be bored under a city.…

The Hull whaler 'Abram'
Launched in Lancaster in 1806, Abram was named after a West Indian planter and merchant. She had a very long career, sailing initially to the British and Danish Virgin Islands of Tortola, St Thomas and St Croix. The documentary record of her voyages…

The Mottram Viaduct of the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway.
The image shows a steam locomotive and freight wagons crossing the recently-completed viaduct at Mottram, Derbyshire, where an iron construction to support the track bed had replaced an earlier wooden construction. This had been achieved with minimal…
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