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Viaduct over the River Lune at Lancaster, - Branch of the North-Western Railway to Poulton-le-Sands

1849 lancaster railway bridge nov 3001.jpg
An engraving of a timber viaduct over the River Lune at Lancaster, which carried the Midland Railway to Poulton-le-Sands (later known as Morecambe). The engineer for this viaduct was J. Watson.
The viaduct formed part of a branch of the rail line…

The Mottram Viaduct of the Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway.

1861 mottram viaduct Aug 31  p224n214001.jpg
The image shows a steam locomotive and freight wagons crossing the recently-completed viaduct at Mottram, Derbyshire, where an iron construction to support the track bed had replaced an earlier wooden construction. This had been achieved with minimal…

Plan of a slave vessel

1848 slave trade plan Aug 26 p123001.jpg
Engravings of two drawings showing how slaves were transported by ship, illustrating an account of a debate on the slave trade in the House of Lords. A lengthy quotation from Captain Pilkington, apparently presented in the debate, forms part of the…

Entrance to the tunnel of the Liverpool & Manchester rail-way, Edge-Hill

Edge Hill Railway Tunnel Liverpool.jpg
Wapping or Edge Hill Tunnel was constructed to enable goods services to operate between Liverpool docks and Manchester, as part of the planned Liverpool and Manchester Railway. It is said to be the first tunnel in the world to be bored under a city.…