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'Ice crime' in Carlisle

An audio account of the breakdown in public order attributed to unsupervised young people frequenting ice cream parlours in Carlisle, and the response which included opening youth clubs. It is noted that employment of women in nearby munitions…

'Lancashire is Delivering the Goods': munitions in the Manchester District - shell-production

1918 munitions Jul 6  p12n13 (1).jpg
Drawing of munitions production in Manchester and nearby locations, with a short discussion

'The Biggest Bluff in the War...a Triumph of Organisation': the Evacuation of Gallipoli

1916 evac gallipoli Feb 12  p202n203001.jpg
Photographs and descriptive commentary on various stages of the evacuation of Gallipoli, including a reference to the 'Lancashire Landing'. Considerable emphasis on the lack of casualties, which is in stark, yet unremarked, contrast to the huge loss…

"Cottonopolis" a Vulcan's Forge: A Manchester War Foundry

1918 cottonopolis forge  Jul 6  p11001.jpg
Drawing of munitions production at the British Westlinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company's premises, with a short discussion.

100 years ago: the slave trade

1869 slave ship capture Feb 27 p216001.jpg
A commemorative republication of an engraving of the current of HMS Daphne rescuing children from a slave ship of the East African coast. The event is stated to have happened off 'Brora' - this location is unidentified, but it presumably was named…

Abolition of Slavery resources in The National Archives

This collection brings together a range of materials which provide information and discussion about Britain and the transatlantic slave trade, and relevant records held by The National Archives.

Aisgill Railway Disaster

The Aisgill rail disaster occurred on the Settle-Carlisle Railway on 2 September 1913, at a point near the hamlet of Aisgill where the gradient caused a challenge for smaller locomotives. A stalled passenger train was hit from behind by a second…

American Slaver Captured by H.M.S. "Antelope"

1857 slave ship capture Oct 17 p393001.jpg
Engraving of a slave ship, with a short account of its capture based on a letter from a 'young officer' of HMS Antelope. The slaver was carrying 200 slaves and was bound for Havana (Cuba), but the author seems to be more interested in the 23 crew,…