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Kuerden Maps of Cartmel

DDX 194-33_wm.jpg
Files DDX 194-33, DDX 194-33rev, DDX 194-35, DDX 194-35rev and DDX 194-36 are part of a series relating to the roads of Cartmel parish.

Files DDX 194-46, DDX 194-48, DDX 194-49, DDX 194-50 and DDX 194-50rev are part of a series relating to the…

Kuerden Maps of Preston

DDX 194-1_wm.jpg
A series of hand drawn maps of the centre of Preston c.1684

Map of the Battle of Preston

Boyer's 1715 map (St Clare copy1818).jpg
This map was drawn in 1818 and published in 1836, so over a century after the event it represents. However, it is closely based on an original map made by A. Boyer, dedicated to the victorious General Wills, which was published in 1716 and hence very…

Jacobites resources in The National Archives - 1715

This collection brings together a range of materials which allow students and teachers to develop their own questions and lines of historical enquiry on the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.