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The V.C.'s-by-Vote Action: the assault at 'Lancashire Landing,' Gallipoli

1915 gallipoli lancs fus vcs.jpg
This image shows the initial phase of the landing of 1st Battalion of the Lancashire Fusiliers at Cape Helles, Gallipoli, on 25 April 1915. The landing beach was subsequently known as 'Lancashire Landing'.

The regiment won the distinction of…

The Great British Offensive North of the Somme: troops advancing to the capture of Montauban

1916 somme offensive.jpg
Both the drawing and the written commentary call upon the testimony of eye-witnesses. The sub-caption of the image claims that the artist was working 'from material supplied by one who took part in the action'; the commentary includes a direct…

Extraordinary capture of a slave vessel

1845 capture of slaver May 10 p301001.jpg
Account and illustration of the capture of a slave ship off the coast of Africa in March 1845

Map of the Battle of Preston

Boyer's 1715 map (St Clare copy1818).jpg
This map was drawn in 1818 and published in 1836, so over a century after the event it represents. However, it is closely based on an original map made by A. Boyer, dedicated to the victorious General Wills, which was published in 1716 and hence very…

Kitchener at Work: the famous Field Marshal at his desk in the War Office

1914 kitchener at work Oct 19  p512n513001.jpg
This work is notable as a drawing rather than a photograph - it is stated that 'special permission' was given to create the image. This may mean that it would have been impossible to create a photograph which both looked authentic and also did not…

"Cottonopolis" a Vulcan's Forge: A Manchester War Foundry

1918 cottonopolis forge  Jul 6  p11001.jpg
Drawing of munitions production at the British Westlinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Company's premises, with a short discussion.

'Lancashire is Delivering the Goods': munitions in the Manchester District - shell-production

1918 munitions Jul 6  p12n13 (1).jpg
Drawing of munitions production in Manchester and nearby locations, with a short discussion

The East Lancashire Regiment

1915 GWD BENT VC001_stitch.jpg
A drawing of Drummer Spencer John Bent, known as 'Joe', of the East Lancashire Regiment, with accompanying text, showing one of the courageous acts which led to the award of the Victoria Cross. The text includes a direct quotation from Drummer Bent,…