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The Great British Offensive North of the Somme: troops advancing to the capture of Montauban

1916 somme offensive.jpg
Both the drawing and the written commentary call upon the testimony of eye-witnesses. The sub-caption of the image claims that the artist was working 'from material supplied by one who took part in the action'; the commentary includes a direct…

The parade of veteran war-horses at Olympia in the International horse show of 1934

1934 hero horses Jun 16  p954n955001.jpg
Photographs of 24 horses, with captions and descriptive text, across two pages. A number of the anecdotes about the horses indicate a very strong bond between the rider and the steed.
Note that horse no. 7 is called 'Nigger', doubtless because of a…

Kitchener at Work: the famous Field Marshal at his desk in the War Office

1914 kitchener at work Oct 19  p512n513001.jpg
This work is notable as a drawing rather than a photograph - it is stated that 'special permission' was given to create the image. This may mean that it would have been impossible to create a photograph which both looked authentic and also did not…

The Camera in the Field: things pleasant and unpleasant

1914 drummer bent vc Dec 19  p840001.jpg
An example of war reporting, with an emphasis on the immediacy of photography, including a portrait of Drummer Spencer John 'Joe' Bent of the East Lancashire Regiment, awarded the Victoria Cross for three acts of heroism.

'Ice crime' in Carlisle

An audio account of the breakdown in public order attributed to unsupervised young people frequenting ice cream parlours in Carlisle, and the response which included opening youth clubs. It is noted that employment of women in nearby munitions…

Potato riots in Maryport

An audio account of the Maryport Potato Riots of 1917, which contributed to the introduction of rationing in 1918.

At Parades: Lord Kitchener at Liverpool and Manchester

1915 kitchener parades Mar 27  p389001.jpg
Three photographs and accompanying text, which includes a reference to dock strikes in Liverpool

The East Lancashire Regiment

1915 GWD BENT VC001_stitch.jpg
A drawing of Drummer Spencer John Bent, known as 'Joe', of the East Lancashire Regiment, with accompanying text, showing one of the courageous acts which led to the award of the Victoria Cross. The text includes a direct quotation from Drummer Bent,…