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Blackpool, the South Jetty from the Wellington Hotel

Blackpool, South Jetty from the Wellington Hotel 1890_watermark.jpg
The South Jetty – latter to become the Central Pier, opened in May 1868, five years later than the North Pier. Both were designed to extend over the sea to allow people to 'promenade' above the water, and they also served as docking stages for boats.…

Blackpool, bathing machines on the beach

22883x Blackpool, Bathing Machines on the Beach 1890.jpg
Blackpool’s foreshore has always been its main attraction for its visitors. By the 1840s the local landed gentry and the new aspiring middle-classes from Lancashire’s mill-towns visited Blackpool as a means of promoting good health and also meeting…

Blackpool, Bailey's Hotel

22885 Blackpool, Bailey's Hotel 1890.jpg
This hotel was founded in 1776 by a farmer, Lawrence Bailey, and opened to the public in 1785 with 34 bedrooms, three dining rooms and a coffee lounge. It stands at the northern end of Blackpool’s promenade. It is one of only a few hotels in…