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  • Collection: Slavery and abolitionism in North West England

Legacies of British Slave-ownership

A database focused on British slave-owners who received (or unsuccessfully applied for) compensation, with a wealth of biographical and related information. In 1833 the British parliament passed an Act which led to the abolition of slavery in the…

100 years ago: the slave trade

1869 slave ship capture Feb 27 p216001.jpg
A commemorative republication of an engraving of the current of HMS Daphne rescuing children from a slave ship of the East African coast. The event is stated to have happened off 'Brora' - this location is unidentified, but it presumably was named…

Capture of a Large Slave-ship by HMS "Pluto"

1860 slave ship capture Apr 28 p409001.jpg
A short account of the capture of a slave ship on 30 November 1859. It is stated that the ship held 874 slaves, and that this was the largest number of slaves ever taken from one captured vessel.
The description does not indicate what happened to…

American Slaver Captured by H.M.S. "Antelope"

1857 slave ship capture Oct 17 p393001.jpg
Engraving of a slave ship, with a short account of its capture based on a letter from a 'young officer' of HMS Antelope. The slaver was carrying 200 slaves and was bound for Havana (Cuba), but the author seems to be more interested in the 23 crew,…

Extraordinary capture of a slave vessel

1845 capture of slaver May 10 p301001.jpg
Account and illustration of the capture of a slave ship off the coast of Africa in March 1845

Are Slave-Labour Products increasing?

1858 slave trade products txt Jul 24 p89001.jpg
Article discussing the relative levels of production of cotton, sugar and other products, comparing slave labour with that of 'free men', and also considering the emancipation of serfs in Russia alongside British and French emancipation of slaves in…

Plan of a slave vessel

1848 slave trade plan Aug 26 p123001.jpg
Engravings of two drawings showing how slaves were transported by ship, illustrating an account of a debate on the slave trade in the House of Lords. A lengthy quotation from Captain Pilkington, apparently presented in the debate, forms part of the…

Abolition of Slavery resources in The National Archives

This collection brings together a range of materials which provide information and discussion about Britain and the transatlantic slave trade, and relevant records held by The National Archives.

Revealing Histories: remembering slavery

A collaborative project by eight museums in Greater Manchester, created to mark the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in 2007.

The Slave Trade and Abolition

Collection of webpages, downloads and links relating to slavery and abolition in England, in the context of physical and tangible heritage such as street names in Liverpool.